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With the use of the most modern technology in radar equipment and our experienced personnel, GPRT is right for your project. The applications of this technology are many and can provide critical information below the surface of concrete, asphalt, and bare soil.

Please review the many applications below and in the Services section of our website to see how GPRT can assist in your project.

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), is a method that uses radar pulses to create images of the subsurface environment. This non-destructive testing method transmits electromagnetic pulses (radar), then receives and processes the reflected energy. The result of this process can lead to the location and depth of objects including utilities, rebar, post tension cables, and underground storage tanks, to name a few.

GPRT prides itself in the most complete and accurate surveys with a focus on customer service and timely response to your scanning needs.

Applications Include:


  • Rebar Locating
  • Post-Tension Cable Locating
  • Conduit Locating
  • Concrete Thickness Measurement
  • Mapping Voids Behind Concrete

Ground Surface

  • Locating Underground Utilities
  • Cemetery Investigations
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST's) Investigations
  • Subsurface Void Investigations